Screen Time Done Right

At Forcefield, we understand that no parent is able to physically supervise their children online anymore. In a wireless world, you must have a wireless solution.

Activity Report
shows you all the websites your kids are browsing.

Curated Library
of websites and apps provides safe, premium content for your kids.

Safe Search provides protection
while browsing.

App Sleeper allows you to remotely turn apps and games off at night.

Photo Report shows you every photo your kids share or post online.

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Forcefield comes with a library of hundreds of premium websites and apps, selected for safety, quality and exceptional educational value.

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9 out of 10 kids under 12 will accidentally see hardcore pornography while looking for something else. Forcefield installs Safe Search which filters out graphic images while delivering comprehensive search results.

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With Forcefield's App Sleeper, you can remotely schedule off-time for apps, games and social networks on all of your kids’ mobile devices to make sure they are sleeping when they're supposed to be.

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Forcefield sends you a copy of every photo your kids share so that they reflect for a moment before sending it, and so you can help them understand what is appropriate.

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Remote Activity Reports

Gone are the days when there was one computer in the family room that everyone shared and you could keep an eye on. Today's tech is wireless, small and mobile and it's impossible to supervise in person. Forcefield provides a wireless solution, sending a streaming activity report to your computer showing you all of your kids' browsing activities from all of their different devices, so you can know what's going on.

Curated Premium Content

Forcefield provides a curated library of hundreds of apps and websites that our editors and experts have selected and meticulously curated not just for safety, but also for quality and educational value, providing an optimized and enhanced content environment. Half of our content committee is made up of kids and teenagers, so you can be sure that your kids will love our library!

Safe Browsing

Even if you choose not to use the blocking function, Forcefield allows you to turn on Safe Search as a default which kids cannot turn off, filtering out most pornography and other objectionable material, while still allowing them to search the entire internet. Protect your kids from accidentally stumbling upon bad material when they are searching for something else!

Mobile Device Control

Using the Forcefield App Sleeper, with the touch of a button on your phone you can remotely turn off all of the apps, games and social networks on all of your kids' tablets and phones. Or you can set it on a repeating schedule to go off at a certain time each night so that you can be sure your kids are sleeping, and aren't up all night on Facebook and Instagram.

Photo Supervision

Sharing and posting photos today is like a national pastime with kids and teens. But kids often tend to share first... and reflect second. The Forcefield Activity Report shows you every photo your kids post, encouraging them to reflect carefully before sending it and allowing you to talk to them about what's appropriate.